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Best Fall Event Swag for 2023

Fall brings events of all sorts to the fore: trade shows, conferences, sales kick offs and every other industry event you can think of seems to be the perfect time to get together. 

For brands and organizations looking to jump in and represent their business this season, we’ve put together a list of some of the best custom swag we recommend to clients who want to leave an impression on all event goers. From classic swag, to budget swag and even high-end giveaway gifts, we’ve got something for everyone in our list here. 

Check out some of our top picks for this year’s best event swag. If you have any questions, you can talk to an expert swag curator by filling out the form at the bottom of this article!

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Budget Items

Eco Frisco Notebook

A simple, recycled notebook that’s sturdy and handsome enough to be the perfect giveaway for events on a budget. Choose from tons of great colors, and three different customization options. Triblend Crew

T-shirts are a fantastic giveaway item to promote your brand at upcoming events. Choose this high quality, budget-friendly option, and find the perfect color to fit your brand. 

Jotter Pen

The Jotter is a satisfying rolling pen that comes in cheerful colors, and feels amazing to write with. Best of all, the price point makes it a viable choice for ordering in bulk!

Hot Mess Apron

Stand out from the crowd with a swag item you don’t see every day. These aprons are high quality, and its custom paint will stand up to washing when they need to be cleaned. 

Custom Lanyard

Whether it’s for internal purposes (outfitting your team) or putting together a giveaway gift program, lanyards are a crucial part of any event. This is our top pick for budget friendly, reliable options. 

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Super Speed Items (ready in five business days)

17oz Swag Bottle

A classic, classy and useful aluminum water bottle coming in plenty of colors. No matter your branding, we can create the perfect giveaway gift without a huge spend or turnaround time. 

Recycled Cotton Tote

Tote bags are fantastic giveaway event items that people will use long after they’ve flown home. This version is made from recycled materials and sturdy as they come. 

12oz Cork Camper Mug

Insulated mugs rank among the most requested swag items at events. Probably because coffee is an essential component of a successful attendance. Gear people up with the best!

Ambassador Journal

This is a great event journal— well designed, small enough to fit in a bag or purse, and ready to ship to you in five business days. Did we mention it comes in amazing colors?

Perspective Keychain

Yes, people still like keychains, and yes, this one is really customizable to fit your brand. Pair it with a luggage tag or phone wallet to offer a themed giveaway package.

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Classic Event Swag

Custom Vinyl Stickers

What is there to say really? If you can dream it, we can put it on a sticker. We recommend getting creative with your designs. After all, a branded sticker only works if people love the way it looks. 

Jolt Power Bank

Power banks will inevitably draw people to your booth because people will inevitably drain their phone batteries while walking around the event space. This no nonsense model comes in every color you can imagine. Hat

Dad hats are back in, and we’ve got a fantastic, budget-friendly option that’s sure to be a hit at your next event. For a touch of class, embroider your logo or message with colored stitching. 

Mid-Calf Athletic Socks

We don’t know what it is exactly about socks, but people seem to go crazy for them at events. Get creative, make something special, and watch as word spreads about your booth and gifts.

Rectangle Mint Card

Tried and true, mints are especially effective branding tools where the days are long and networking in close quarters stretches into the evening. At least one person will thank your brand under their fresh breath. 

Unique Event Swag

Ascolour Flight Contrast Bag

Make a scene with a bag (useful at events) that differentiates you from the crowd (good for your brand). Ascolour’s sling bag is thoughtfully designed and extremely versatile. 

42” Totes Auto Umbrella

Umbrellas make great swag because they are useful, and not something that people think to buy until it’s too late. When the time comes to use it, they’ll be thanking the name tastefully emblazoned on its canopy. 

Tumbling Tower Game

Event swag should either be useful or fun. Depending on how exciting your next event is, this could be both. We love using these to facilitate team building activities as well. 

Two-Tone Beach Ball

Catch attention with branded beach balls carrying your organization’s messaging or branding. We love seeing brands use these to make their booth more interactive and fun!

Licorice Tube

Events take energy, and energy requires snacks. Choose from a variety of fun flavored candies that come in a brandable tube, and be the hero for hungry event goers next time around. 

High End Event Swag

12oz Fellow Everywhere Mug

Fellow is at the Zenith of attractive coffee products for good reason. This travel mug keeps bevs at temperature for hours, and just looks gorgeous. Save these for your best leads and connections. 

Painted Apple Magic Mouse

Consider a raffle or select giveaway with this unbelievable custom gift. Customize it completely with your branding and colors to create something unique that no one else will be able to offer.

Marine Layer Blanket

Great for Fall events specifically, this luxurious blanket from Marine Layer is sure to be the giveaway gift with the biggest impact at your next event. Embroider your logo for a super-classy finish. 

17oz Recycled Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle is revolutionizing the water bottle business by intertwining an environmental mission with exceptionally thoughtful design. Swag with a story, especially a noble one, is sure to get people’s attention.

Bellroy Classic Backpack

Backpacks are always a hit, and this version from Bellroy will definitely turn heads on the conference floor. Save these for your most intriguing leads and VIP connections from the event.

No matter your budget, timeline and brand needs, we can help you find a creative way to make sure your business is buzzing at any events you attend this Fall. The sooner you get in touch with our curators, the easier it will be to create something outstanding that will maximize engagement and drive recognition for your company!

To chat about any upcoming event swag needs, fill out the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will be in touch shortly.