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Brand Spotlight: Brooklinen

At, our mission is to search high and low for the best branded products that people will actually want to keep, and gear people will actually want to use. 

We’ve scoured the best of what’s out there to curate a selection of items that will delight and endear your customers and employees. Each brand we choose to make available has been carefully selected based on a high level of quality and utility. is proud to partner with Brooklinen, the Brooklyn, NY based company known for offering, “the internet’s favorite sheets.”

While it’s true that Brooklinen is most famous for their ridiculously comfortable lines of bedding, their mission to create great products made from top-quality materials at affordable prices extends into loungewear as well! For companies looking to outfit their teams with custom swag, or send meaningful branded gifts to their customers, you can’t really find a more comfortable option than custom Brooklinen clothing. 

Brooklinen is also notable for their responsible manufacturing practices. As they have grown, the company has invested heavily in ensuring their products are ethically made— all the way from their design in Brooklyn to their assembly around the world at their handful of factories. 

All of their wearable items are made with comfort in mind as well as style. We recommend Brooklinen products especially to our clients whose remote workforces are in need of company swag that they can snuggle into for a long day of WFH. What else would you expect from a company whose tagline is, “We’re here to help you live your most comfortable life,”?

Without further ado, check out some of our favorite Brooklinen products, all available for customization and distribution at! 

Cozy Shirts

Brooklinen Brighton

Imagine if your favorite comfy jersey sheets were magically transformed into a long sleeve shirt that you could spend every minute of every day in. Now open your eyes, and behold the Brooklinen Brighton! This shirt features a relaxed neckline, and a cotton and modal blend to make it one of the most cozy long sleeves in the game. 

Brooklinen Delancy

Short sleeve shirts can sometimes get caught lacking in the softness game. Not so with the Brooklinen Delancey. This loose-fitting model offers slightly longer and wider sleeves, as well as a vintage hem. Brooklinen also opts for a printed label rather than a tag— comfort down to the last detail.

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Comfy Sweatshirts

Brooklinen Dekalb

Brooklinen elevates the zip sweater game with the Dekalb, a collared sweatshirt that combines the utility of the zipper with the luxury of a premium fleece jacket. The Dekalb has a great kangaroo pocket as well, making it perfect for storing items while hiking, chilling at home or commuting into the office. 

Brooklinen Montague Zip

If you’re looking for a more traditional zip up hoodie, the Brooklinen Montague is the one for you. This is a midweight sweater that’s perfect for going out in brisk weather. It features a two-way zipper (unique!) and a luxe hood that you can pull so tight you’ll forget the outside world even exists.

Brooklinen Montrose

The Brooklinen Montrose is a team favorite here at It’s simply one of the most comfortable and flattering hoodies we offer, and trust us, we offer a lot of hoodies. Standout features include the fact the drawstring for the hood is stitched in, ensuring that it will never fall out. 

Brooklinen Willow

For a classy, elevated take on the crew neck sweater, look no further than Brooklinen’s Willow. Little details make this sweater worth its weight in gold, even though it provides warmth without being very heavy at all! There’s a touch of spandex in the neckline, sleeves and trim to ensure that the fit will remain perfect over time. 

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Lounge Ready Pants

Brooklinen Baltic Pant

These fleece pants are flowy, soft and destined to delight. We love the loose cut and anti-taper that can only be designed by a company whose specialty is comfort. This might seem like a strange gift for the office, but once you see how amazing they are in person you’ll wish you’d had these pants way earlier. 

Brooklinen Bushwick Pant

The Brooklinen Bushwick pants are a more tailored, athletic-fitting choice for people who want to gift things that can be worn in the office. Calling them joggers is a bit misleading, since they are more like pajamas that are sturdy enough for the real world. These fleece dreams are available in classy black and grey colorways. 

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Other Apparel

Brooklinen Plush Robe

We think this robe is Brooklinen’s pièce de résistance. In fact, it is the first wearable item the company ever made! Constructed from combed, long-staple Turkish cotton, this robe has all of the luxurious features you would expect from a complementary robe at the Ritz. We can’t emphasize enough how much of a delightful gift this item makes in the office. 

If you’re interested in creating some custom Brooklinen swag for your team, you can get started by following any of the product links above, adding your logo directly to our website, and getting an instant quote! If you would rather talk to an expert swag representative about how to bring your unique vision to life, fill out the form below, and someone from our team will be in contact shortly!