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How To Build An Eco Friendly Swag Box

When thinking about what types of gifts to give to your employees, clients or leads, how these gifts are made and sourced can have just as much of an impact as what they are. For brands that are looking to put their best foot forward in terms of sustainability, keeping the environmental impact of their items in mind is a great way to signal the values of your organization. 

At we have hundreds of items that are sustainably made and eco-friendly. When you go to search through our products, we even have a filter that makes it easy to search for environmentally-friendly products. 

Moreover, we can help you put together custom swag boxes that are full of customized, eco-friendly products. These are great for events, onboarding kits, appreciation gifts and more! With tons of great items that are recycled, compostable, biodegradable or meant to last a lifetime, you have plenty of options to build something that will get the job done for your needs.

How to build an eco-friendly gift box:

You can create and distribute fully custom boxes in just a few simple steps!

  1. Choose products and add your logo to them. Any item with a box icon next to its name can be added to a custom box.
  2. With your custom items in your cart, click the “create a box” button in the top right corner.
  3. Choose which items you want to add into which boxes. Get creative!
  4. Add personalized notecards, snacks or other add ons. 
  5. Choose the size and customization of your box. We have options ranging from a plain brown cardboard box, all the way to fully custom with your branding on every face.
  6. Send your boxes to one address, or use our distribution feature to store them at our location to be sent to individual addresses. 

What items should you include?

While there’s no formula for what makes a great swag box, there are a few categories of items that are a good place to start!

Drinkware / Eatware

Camelbak Eddy 25oz Renew

This handy water bottle is made from recycled materials, and features an easy-to-use drinking straw built into the lid. Comes in a variety of great colors!

Straw Set w/ Eco Tube

Reusable straws are a useful gift that your eco-conscious audience will appreciate using time and time again. This one comes with a cleaning tool, and a customizable bamboo case. 

Wheat Straw Food Storage

This small lunchbox is made from a sustainable wheat straw material. The company that manufactures it also donates 1% of their sales to nonprofits protecting the planet. 

Bamboo Cutlery Set

A cutlery set that blends recycled materials with sustainable bamboo. Perfect for getting outdoors, or simply equipping your audience for eating on the go. 


Econscious T-Shirt

A simple, high quality t-shirt made with 100% organic cotton. Comes in a wide variety of colors. 

Known Supply L Tank

Known Supply creates their products by combining sustainable materials with ethical labor. This tank top is a mid weight dream that comes in a handful of beautiful colors.

Classic L Sweatpant

These incredibly soft sweatpants are made from recycled eco-fleece material. They are as comfortable as they are good for the planet!

Hanes Eco Sweatshirt

A classic crew neck sweatshirt made from recycled plastic reclaimed from disposable water bottles. Comes in a ton of awesome colors. 

Office Supplies

Recycled Journal

Simple, clean, and good for the planet! This notebook is made from recycled materials. You can add your logo to the front with screen printing. 

Ecologist Pen

These colorful pens are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, including cornstarch! 

Sprigbox Lavender Grow Kit

This fun kit allows your audience to grow their own lavender in a biodegradable box. All they need to do is add water.

Tote Bags

Recycled Cotton Tote

A sturdy choice that’s perfect for the farmers market or a quick jaunt out of the house. Made from 100% recycled cotton material.

Stuff Sack Bag

The perfect stuff sack to put at the bottom of your purse or in your glove compartment. Made from 100% recycled plastics. 

Eco Cotton Canvas Tote

This tote bag won’t let you down. Its reinforced stitching and lined bottom make it excellent for hauling heavy goods.

Home Goods

Modern Sprout Grow Kit

What’s more sustainable than growing your own herbs? This fun kit lets your audience grow their own basil. All you need is water!

Modern Sprout Tree Kit

Planting trees removes carbon from the atmosphere and adds more oxygen to the air. Give your audience the chance to grow their own with this small kit.

Bamboo Fiber Coaster Set

High-quality coasters are an excellent appreciation gift— especially if they are made from sustainable bamboo and look gorgeous!

Travel Accessories

42” Recycled Auto Umbrella

Umbrellas might be the perfect piece of swag. They’re extremely useful, and no one has a good one when they need it! This is our favorite version, made from recycled materials. 

Parkland Travel Pouch

This pouch can be used as a dopp kit, electronics bag or anything else you can think of. It is made from recycled plastics.

Recycled Luggage Tag

A simple and attractive luggage tag made from recycled plastics. Comes in bright colorways that will never get missed on the luggage carousel.

These are just a few ideas for eco-friendly items that you can use to make custom swag boxes. Remember, you can search through any of our product categories using the “eco-friendly” filter. Let your imagination run wild!

Want some help setting up your custom boxes? Fill out the form below, and someone from our sales team will be in touch soon to assist you on your swag quest!