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How To Order Christmas Gifts For An Office

Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner and HR pros at top companies are already thinking about how to make this year special for their employees. 

Custom Christmas gifts for the office are a tradition that everyone looks forward to. It brings a sense of camaraderie, good cheer, and a much needed symbol of the appreciation businesses have for the people who make them tick. We love the holiday season because we get to work with top brands around the world in creating some of the most meaningful gifts we see all year.

We make getting holiday gifts for the office right a simple, and even fun process. After all, giving is often more fun than receiving! No matter the size of your business or the scope of your audience, you can rest assured that holiday gifting is a breeze with Swag.com.

Here’s a simple step by step process that you can use to create the ultimate holiday gifts for the office:

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1. Start planning earlier than you think!

As we mentioned above, holiday gifts are some of the most important symbols of appreciation that businesses bestow on their employees each year. Making sure your gifts are well-designed and thoughtful takes time to get right. Everything from the choice of products, to the way they are customized to the method of delivery are important considerations that will impact the overall experience of gifting. 

These decisions also affect the time it takes to create and distribute your gifts. We always recommend planning and ordering your custom gifts earlier than you might think in order to avoid common problems with holiday delays. Waiting until the last minute will ultimately force you to compromise on what is available within your time and budget. Remember, the sooner you make a plan, the more likely it is to go off without a hitch.

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2. Choose an audience

The first part of developing holiday gifts begins with understanding your audience and your reason for gifting. The most important questions you should ask are:

  • Who are you gifting to? Are your gifts for clients, employees, leads or someone else?
  • How many people do you want to reach? Are they in one location or many?

Depending on who you want to give gifts to, your choice in what to give and how to give it could be very different! Be sure to have a good idea of the number of gifts you’ll be needing. 

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3. Choose a message or theme

Once you know who you’re giving to, try and brainstorm the impact you want your gifts to have. Maybe it’s a gesture to your employees for a year of hard work, or a thank you to your best customers. Perhaps it’s another touchpoint in a sales cycle where the holidays open an opportunity to show your commitment to leads. Or maybe you want to prove your over-the-top dedication to existing clients with a message that will blow their socks off. 

Having a clear idea of what you want to say will help decide on the right gifts and personal touches to get the job done. We have the perfect option to tell every story— the sooner you know what yours is, the sooner you can get started telling it. 

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4. Establish a timeline

We encourage people to work backwards from the date they want to have their gifts in hand. For example, if you plan on handing out your custom gifts at the holiday party the week before Christmas, consider that date when you decide on which gifts, customization, and shipping choices make sense for you. 

When browsing products on our site, you can use a timeline filter to help you see which products can be completed by the time you want them in-hand. If you are designing an entire box of products, consider that each element will have its own timeline, including the boxes themselves. Remember that international shipping adds more time to your order!

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5. Decide on a budget

Budgeting for your holiday gifting is an important early step that will ultimately make your job a lot easier! Understanding your budget will help you narrow down your options in terms of the gifts themselves, as well as customization and shipping details. All of our products can be browsed using filters for cost— we have something for every budget that will make the holidays great. 

We recommend breaking your budget down into a dollar amount that can be spent per person. When you know how much (generally) there is for each gift, it makes it easier to browse products at the right price point, as well as build a good idea of how much shopping will cost.

6. Pick gifts to delight your audience

This is the fun part! Once you have your audience, timeline and budget, your job is to browse our selection of great products and find things that you know people will love. From tech, to custom apparel, to home goods and wellness items, we have something for everyone. Our filters can help you narrow down your search by cost, production time, audience size and more!

Easily add products you like to your cart. If you want to create a fully branded box with multiple items, simply add those items to your cart, and then click on the “build a box” button. There you’ll be able to choose the type of box you want to create, and package your favorite items together. 

7. Personalize your gifts and gift sets

For the finishing touches on your ultimate holiday gift experience, add personalization and customization to the items you’ve chosen for your business. On all of our products we offer the chance to add your own logo or artwork in order to transform it into a meaningful touchpoint with your brand. Some items have multiple options you’ll be able to choose from— you’ll have to decide which one is right for the gifts you’ve selected. 

If you are building an entire box of custom products, you can choose to customize the unboxing experience as well. We offer boxes in a variety of customization options, from a single color, all the way to fully decked out with your art on every surface! Custom boxes also allow you to add personalized note cards that can send an endearing message to each recipient. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Learn more about custom swag boxes here.

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8. Pick a shipping option that makes sense for you

After you have your custom holiday gifts or gift boxes picked out and customized, you’ll need to figure out a shipping method that makes sense for your needs. The most important thing to consider is where you are sending your gifts:

  • If you are sending your gifts to one location: use our standard shipping, and distribute your gifts directly in the office place!
  • If you want to send to many locations: use our swag distribution feature to reach individual audience members wherever they are!

Our swag distribution platform also lets you store your gifts at our facilities until the moment you need them. This is a helpful feature for all those folks hoping to send Christmas gifts to leads when the time is right! Remember to always factor in shipping times when you’re planning your timeline— if you’re shipping internationally, be sure to add a bit more time for customs and travel. 

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Enjoy the holidays without stressing!

Swag.com is here to make sure you pull off the perfect holiday celebrations for your office this year. Whatever your plans are, we have the products, customization and distribution features you need to make holiday shopping a breeze. 

If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team, please fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you take your holiday celebration to the next level!