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Fun Ways to Incorporate Swag into Your Social Media Strategy

Swag for employee gifts and conference promo items is a no brainer, but have you ever considered swag for your social media followers? They’re part of your brand community, too, and are often overlooked. Community building and lead generation can easily be made fun by combining the powers of social media and swag. 

Whether you want to grow your audience, build hype for an upcoming campaign or collect new leads, we can help! Using the swag giveaway tool, you can easily send your audience gifts by sending them a link that will allow them to upload their address— all you need is their email! Whether it’s to one person or hundreds of different addresses, we’ll handle the shipping so you don’t have to. 

With that in mind, here are a few ideas you can use to incorporate swag into your social media marketing campaigns. 

Swag for Social Media Contests

Use branded items as an incentive for followers to engage with posts, follow you or a partner, and tag friends. For example, you could try ordering a limited amount of swag and sending it to the “first X amount of people to tag a friend” in a post to give your newest campaign a boost. Based on your audience, consider items you know they would enjoy to encourage as much participation as possible. 

Swag idea: If it is out of budget to offer high-end swag like custom headphones or embroidered jackets, remember that colorful and fun swag can grab people’s attention too! Water bottles, frisbees and other items that look great with your custom artwork are perfect options.

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Swag to Build Excitement for Events

Fun swag is a great way to create excitement for an event and encourage participants to post about it! Be sure to choose relevant items that participants can use in relation to your event. For example, a custom yoga mat for a workout class or a branded tote bag for a conference. Before the event, announce a special hashtag for people to use when posting photos of their swag. Attendees will continue to feel enthusiastic and connected to your brand while scrolling through after the event.

Swag for Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

Influencers are a great way to build a genuine connection with your audience, while increasing your brand’s reach. Whether you’re first proposing a partnership with an influencer or you want to keep in touch with a top performer, fantastic swag is sure to make a lasting impression. 

High end promo products like custom Apple AirPods or a North Face fleece jacket are the perfect token of appreciation for superstar ambassadors. Plus, you can always boost brand spirit and encourage social media tags by gifting on-trend custom apparel!

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Swag for Follower Appreciation

Followers are the key to social media success — why not let them decide which swag you should drop? Once you’ve closed in on a specific product, create a poll and let them vote for the color or style they like best. Then, finalize your order according to the winning answer! This is a guaranteed way to make sure your swag is perfectly aligned with your audience’s interests, so they’ll be eager to get their hands on some! This is a great way to hype up a new campaign and reward your most loyal followers.

Swag idea: Build anticipation by polling your audience about their favorite item type, then colorway. By the time you’ve decided on which item to giveaway, they will have been engaged in the process for long enough to go the extra mile for your brand!

Send swag to anyone with our swag giveaway feature

In order to send swag to social media followers, you’ll need an easy way to collect shipping information, and in some cases, sizing preferences. Our revolutionary giveaway tool does just that so you can start building meaningful relationships with people you might not otherwise have personal information from. 

The giveaway feature allows participants to choose their own gift from a range of swag options you create. All you have to do is set up a free giveaway landing page with your order, and send them the link!

This powerful tool opens up so many options when it comes to building out a social media following. 

Anything you can do to make your social media campaigns stand out will help you grow an audience and establish a network of fans that will pay off for your business big time. Incorporating swag into that process is a natural next step to add another dimension to your efforts!

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