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Last Minute Holiday Swag For Corporate Gifting and Customer Appreciation

So you’re running a little behind schedule. These days, who isn’t?

We’ve got your back! Even though each product we offer is customized with love and care, we know that sometimes what matters the most is getting your stuff out the door as soon as possible! 

It’s easy to put off gifting until the last minute, but we’re dedicated to making sure you’re able to deliver your tokens of appreciation even so. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks of items that can be customized and shipped fast— so you can still be the hero this holiday season.

For last-minute corporate gifts, you’ve come to the right place!

Custom Drinkware

Here are our best custom waterbottles, custom mugs, custom tumblers and more drinkware that can be rushed from our door, straight to yours. You can also check out our entire line of custom drinkware here:

17oz Swag Bottle

Classic, classy and cleanly-designed. This is a high quality waterbottle that looks fantastic when branded with custom artwork. 

Contigo Loop 2.0

A higher-end thermos that will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. It’s great for beverages on the go, or simply keeping you company at your desk while you work.

Monaco Mug

This minimalist mug comes in enough colors to make your head spin. It has the look and feel of a 21st century dining mug, with groovy art options to match your brand’s aesthetic. 

8 oz On The Rocks

If you want to institute better virtual happy hours for your remote teams, you should invest in some glassware to make it fun. This gorgeous rocks glass is perfect for cocktails, mocktails and displaying your logo with pride. 

Custom WFH Gifts

Now that it seems the WFH phenomenon is here to stay, give your remote teams some gifts to show them you acknowledge the difficulties they face. Making the WFH office comfortable and efficient is an important task that employers should help with when they can. 

Color Pop Note

What’s great about this custom notebook is that it’s big. Since there’s no more commute to the office, take advantage of being able to have all your thoughts in one place. 

Linton Cable Holder

Keeping home life and work life separate is important to remaining productive during the day (and sane). This nifty cable holder and organizer will make it just a bit easier to wrap up in the evening without feeling like you can’t untangle from your responsibilities. 

Carrera Custom Desk Set

A custom desk set is a wonderful way to make life a little easier for folks WFH. This faux marble collection of useful desktop items can add some pizazz in the process. 

Custom Tech

Tech is an always popular piece of swag, and we’ve worked hard to source great gadgets that can be customized quickly! From chargers, to power banks and more, we’ve got great custom tech options that can be rushed out of the door.

RFID Phone Wallet

Why does a wallet count as a tech item? Because 1) it goes on your phone and 2) it’s RFID technology ensures that credit card and other personal information is safe from would be thieves! 

Sisson Speaker and Charger

Jam out with this bluetooth speaker that also doubles as a powerful charging station for your other electronics. Never miss an opportunity to keep the party going all night long.

Hatton Power Bank

This powerbank is the powerbank of the future. It can charge iPhones, Apple Watches and other enabled products wirelessly, while offering over 5,000 mAh capacity to charge anything else that needs it. 

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Last minute gifts can and should still take the environment into consideration! There are some of the greenest items we can offer on a very quick turnaround time. 

The Eco Oakland

Made from 90% recycled materials, this Eco-Oakland notebook is also printed with soy-based ink for a maximally-minimal impact on the environment. Also, it comes in a ton of fun colors and is very satisfying to flip through. 

Bamboo Pen

This bamboo pen is a handsome reminder that eco-friendly products don’t require you to sacrifice quality or attractiveness. We love the way it writes, and that it’s made of nearly 50% recycled materials!

Recycled Cotton Tote

A perennial favorite at Swag.com. This sturdy tote bag is made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester materials that were reclaimed from excess garment waste. 

Wellness and Fitness Swag

Sometimes the best gift you can give is something that will empower people to reclaim their health and wellness. We have great fitness products and relaxation gifts that will make gearing up and winding down a breeze.

Resistance Band

Resistance bands are an excellent and efficient way to get the benefits of resistance training without having to go to the gym. These high-quality ones come in a variety of colors and make working out on the go a pinch.

Yoga Towel

This custom yoga towel is really more like an exercise towel. Though it is fitted perfectly for a yoga mat, it works just as well for any post-workout cool down. Comes in a handy cinch bag. 

Body Lotion Set

Lotion sets are one of those things we rarely give to ourselves, but are so happy to receive! This luxurious set contains two different scents: lavender and vanilla. 

If you are looking to put together a set of gifts quickly, please reach out to us at customer@swag.com, and a Swag rep will help you find the perfect items to fit your timeline!

What are you doing to show your employees appreciation this holiday season? Reach out to blog@swag.com for a chance to be featured.