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New Hire Welcome Swag for Remote Employees

Starting a new job on a remote team is a different experience than having a first day in an office, whether due to quarantining or just a distributed team. There are many things you can do to help make a new employee feel welcome when no mater where they are located, but a welcome swag box of nice, quality gifts is a great way to show your appreciation.

Why create a new hire welcome box?

Creating a new hire welcome box that you send to every new team member can show them feel welcome and get them excited to start in their new role. The most important thing to remember when creating a welcome package for a remote employee is to choose high-quality items that they will want to use. These items can be things that make them more productive and help them get set to work from home, or they can be other gifts that will welcome to the team. See below for more ideas for each of these.

How to build a new hire welcome box

We’ve got the process of ordering the perfect box down to a science, but you might have some questions about what to fill your welcome kit with and how to send swag boxes to these new employees. Here are a few tips that will help.

Include a mix of products

At we make it easy to fill your box with branded items, but selecting the right items is up to you. The items you select, the designs and colors you choose and the mix of products should can all help tell them new team member about your company’s culture, so you should think these things before searching for the products. What do you want the box to communicate to your new employee?

As stated above, a mix of items is a great way to go. For example, a few home office items mixed with a great branded t-shirt or sweatshirt might help the employee get ready to get down to work, but will also give them something to spread that team spirit.

Make it shipping friendly

Ordering swag that will need to be shipped directly to remote employees presents some different considerations. Avoid things that are very large or hard to package. For example, a golf umbrella can be a great swag gift for the right occasion, but it is difficult to package and ship, so might not be the right choice for your new remote hire welcome kit.

Also, coffee mugs are great additions to any welcome kit. But the standard ceramic mugs can easily break or chip in shipping, so maybe choose a stainless steel tumbler or water bottle instead.

Order in bulk to save, ship swag box when needed

At you can order your new hire boxes in bulk and we can hold them and ship directly to your new hires as needed. This is a great option because it will save you money to order at quantities that will give you price breaks and will have boxes ready when you need them with no wait for production teams.

When your order is complete, we will hold your swag boxes in our distribution warehouse. When you are ready to send, you can just access your dashboard and select the box you want to send, enter the recipient’s shipping address and we will handle the rest and have the box arrive at their home on their first day.

The best part? Our Swag Inventory and Distribution platform have no platform or subscription fees. You just pay shipping and handling costs. No need to manage a swag closet, fill-out shipping forms or scheduling pick-ups or make unwanted trips to the post office.

Let your new employee choose their own gifts

Maybe you want the employee to be able to choose their own swag? We have an option to handle this as well. Using our giveaway feature, you can just send your employee a link and they can select the items they want, enter their shipping information and we will send the items directly to them.

Our platform will manage your inventory, let you know when stock is low and make re-ordering as easy as a few clicks. Never count and refold employee t-shirts again We got it covered.


Pre-ordering new hire boxes serves a lot of purposes. They save you time and money, as you don’t have to wonder what to gift new employees, and bulk orders are always cheaper than one-off orders. They can provide the groundwork for making your new employee feel welcome to the team. It can also help establish the company culture that can harder to maintain in a remote workplace. The right items in the right box make your new employees feel at home even when at-home.