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Here Are Your Options For Customizing Swag Boxes

If you’re onboarding new hires, sending appreciation swag to your top clients or putting together holiday gifts for your employees, building and sending customized swag boxes is a great option to do the job right. is the best place to put together boxes that make an impact without giving you a headache. We offer fully customizable products and boxes that are easy to build, design, store and ship all with a few clicks. 

Whenever you build a box, we give you the option of adding colored crinkle paper and a customized note card to send a message. But what about the box itself?

Here’s what we can do to make your swag stand out!

1. Standard box with custom tape

This option is subtle and satisfying. We package your products in a plain box that’s designed to please upon opening. If you’d like, we can add custom packing tape with your branding to add to the experience.

 2. Colored box with custom stickers

If you want a box that goes a bit beyond the standard option, we can pack your items in a box that’s colored with a custom hue, chosen by you! Add custom tape, and you’re well on your way to an unboxing experience that will imprint your brand for a long time. 

3. Fully custom box

This is our top-of-the-line customization option. You start by choosing a color for the box before stamping it with up to five images on the front, back, top, left, and right side of the package. These boxes achieve the maximum WOW factor. 

With all of our customization options, you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to pick the perfect packages for your needs! If you have something special in mind, our team is standing by to help you create something unique that gets the job done for you.