New Baby Welcome Box for Employees and Customers
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Swag Ideas for New Parent Swag Boxes

New Family Member Welcome Swag Box for Employees and Customers

Celebrate the arrival of an employee or customers’ new baby with a perfectly packed gift box! A fun assortment of items is a nice way to say “We will miss you” over the months they are away from work. It’s also nice to send a care package to them while they are focused on caring for someone else. Below are ideas for useful, sentimental, and indulgent gifts to include for gift swag boxes for expectant parents.

Useful Ideas

Practical gifts are a great way to start – because when you’re a sleep-deprived parent, the last thing you want is a box of items you’ll never use taking up space where all the baby toys have exploded. The best gifts will help make the new parents experience as stress-free as possible. Here are two options.

Once the baby is born, bibs and onesies will come in handy every day, so you can never go wrong with these items as a gift. Plus, the Rabbit Skins Infant Bib and Rabbit Skins Infant Onesie are made of 100% premium ringspun cotton, making them super soft and sensitive for the baby’s skin. (Plus, easy to wash!) Once you add your company logo, the babies can be reppin’ your brand from day one.

Sentimental Items

Parents are often looking to treasure special moments with their new bundle of joy. Keepsake gifts can help keep these memories alive for a long time after they occur. Here are a few ideas to include in a gift box:

A special

Time with new children goes by so quickly (and not always in the clearest headspace), so a journal can help parents to write down memories and milestones they will want to remember later.

In this age of digital photos, a picture frame is a nice gift to help new parents bring a little memory of their new addition back to the office with them.

A nice children’s book is a great addition to any gift box. can help you customize almost any book with a custom inscription. A personalized note from a supervisor can help make new parents feel appreciated and supported.

Pampering Gifts

While everyone is showering the new baby with gifts, sometimes it’s nice to give the parents a gift that lets them focus on themselves.

Gift Cards

A thoughtful gift card can help the parent splurge on themselves. A gift to a general store, like Amazon or similar, is a great option as it is accessible for everyone. But, a gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment of their choice can also be a great way to help a new parent with some needed self-car and some rest and relaxation and allows for a solid hour of alone time. can help you arrange to have gift cards included in any swag box.

A new addition to a family is a good time to snuggle up and be comfortable. A nice blanket can help make this time extra cozy. This Field & Co. blanket is super soft and luxurious. It combines soft velour and sherpa backing with Field & Co. vintage branding elements and details. While we can’t guarantee this will help a newborn sleep, it is sure to help with a quick catnap on the couch for tired new parents.

Build your own perfect new parent welcome box

Our Swag Boxes can be completely customized, so let us help you create the perfect gift box for your employees or customers welcoming new members to their family. Also, these are not usually items you need in bulk at one time, so let us hold these items for you and have them ready to send when needed with our Swag Inventory option.