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The Best Custom Blankets For Snuggling, Cuddling and More

Winter is coming.

Just when we we’re perfecting our light jacket and fun scarf outfits, the crisp fall is starting to turn into a very-crisp winter. Before we know it, it will be full on parka time.

Luckily, there are many silver linings to winter. One of our favorites is the fact that you can turn bundling up and getting cozy into an art. This obviously means sweats, wool socks and your favorite hoodie. But more importantly, it means getting comfy under a nice warm blanket.

A nice blanket is a necessity for the cold months, though many people don’t think about it until it’s too late. This is why we love the idea of gifting personalized custom blankets to your employees and customers as part of a holiday gift idea! Keepsakes that actually preform a function are way more likely to have an impact on your audience, especially if they can share them with loved ones. has tons of amazing custom blanket options, ranging from light and flowy to heavy and swaddling. No matter the blanket size or material, we have a customizable option for you. 

Read on to see some of our absolute favorite picks, and be sure to check out our entire collection of custom blankets:

Custom Blankets and Throws on the Lighter Side

These blankets are for more casual use: getting comfy on the couch, taking a nap, walking around the house at 2 AM to find something to eat, etc. They’re not too heavy and they’re all incredibly comfortable to cuddle up in. You could even use them as baby blankets if you wanted!

Micro Coral Plush Blanket 

This extremely luxurious-feeling option is made from polyester plush fleece and absolutely perfect for a couch blanket. It’s warm enough to watch a movie under comfortably without knocking you out completely. With custom embroidery available, you can easily add a beautiful version of your logo, or a monogram to one of the corners. Fleece blankets are perfect keepsakes.

Custom Fleece Blanket

Classy, simple and light, this customizable fleece blanket is the go-to for taking to high-school stadium or throwing around the shoulders for a brisk walk. It comes in tons of great colors and looks fantastic with your logo imprinted on it! Soft fleece that can handle a machine wash: is there anything better? 

Sport Sweatshirt Blanket

Imagine the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt, extended out into an entire blanket. That’s what you’ll get with this plush polyester fleece design, perfect for taking out to a sports game, sitting on the patio or simply wrapping up in while WFH. If you want, this can also be used as a personalized throw blanket. Easily upload your design to have it screen printed across the front. 

Medium Weight Custom Blankets

These picks are somewhere between light and heavy. We recommend them for lovely evenings in the backyard, or maybe even to sit underneath around a campfire. No matter what you do with them, we’ll make sure your brand stands out with gorgeous embroidery or screen printing.

Kanata Corduroy Blanket

Your customers and employees will absolutely love this unique blanket. One side is made from vertical corduroy striping, and the other made from faux lambswool, making it as beautiful as it is warm. The contemporary design will surely stand out in any home, and being machine washable ensures it can easily remain clean and comfy.

Herringbone Wool Blanket

One of the more aesthetically pleasing blankets we offer, this model is made from Australian wool and acrylic blended together in an extremely soft material. It’s not too big to fold over your couch or bed, but it will definitely be big enough to keep two people warm and cozy while watching TV at night. Laser engrave your logo on a small leather tag for a classy reminder of your brand. Classy home decor meets a one-of-a-kind customizable throw blanket.

Kanata Faux Alpaca Throw Blanket

Although it looks like it should be an extremely heavy blanket, the super-soft faux alpaca material is actually rather breathable and light. It’s perfect for bringing some color and comfortability to the living room. We embroider your logo on one of the corners for a fancy finish. 

Heavy Duty Custom Blankets

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase housewarming. These are the blankets you really want to conk out under. You can use these for guests on the pullout, going ice fishing or throwing in the back of the car so you can sleep under the stars. With any of these, you’ll be prepared to get the most out of the winter months. Snuggle up!

Micro-mink Sherpa Blanket

We love this plush blanket because it’s extremely warm, it’s extremely soft, and most importantly, it comes in really fun colors. One side mimics plush lambswool while the other mimics soft micro-mink, giving you a luxurious experience that’s ethical as can be. Laser engrave your logo or branding for a subtle reminder of who brought this amazing blanket into being. 

Field & Co. Buffalo Blanket

No, it’s not actually made from buffalo. But it feels like it could be! Made with heavy plush fleece, this blanket is incredibly warm and soft. One side features a fun plaid design and the other a faux-buffalo fur that is simply delightful to cozy up in. Perfect to snuggle up in on a cold night, or just sprawl out on at any time.

Custom Packable Blanket

This rugged blanket is an absolute workhorse perfect for camping or any other outdoor adventure you might embark on. It’s waterproof, insulated and dirt-resistant, ensuring that it will get the job done even in tough conditions. It also comes in an awesome carrying case that makes it easy to get from the car to the campsite and back again. We can put your logo on both the case and the blanket itself! 

Specialized Custom Blankets 

These custom blankets all serve a purpose beyond keeping you warm on the couch. From picnics to the beach to the best sleep you’ll ever get in your life, each one makes a great gift for different reasons!

The Gravity Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets help get better sleep, according to science and everyone online over the last few years. Gift this top-of-the-line model to your customers or employees and be the reason they start getting the best sleep of their life! It comes in three different weights and three different colors, giving you complete control to design the perfect blanket for your needs. 

Roll-up Beach Blanket

This is an all-in-one beach experience that makes throwing a towel over the sand feel amateur. Roll this bad boy out and use it as a mat that comes with a built in pillow and carry straps. You won’t find a better beach product around! California offices, we’re looking at you.

Field & Co. Picnic Blanket

All good picnics require cheese, bread and a plaid blanket. It’s just the rules. We’ve got you covered in the last category with a blanket that’s designed with picnics in mind. Sprawl out on its polar fleece material for a luxurious picnicking space. When you’re done, use the built in pocket and carrying straps to gather your leftovers and easily transport it all at once.

Event hough these personalized keepsakes make fantastic Christmas gifts, we think these custom blankets are good any time of year, and we’re confident whoever you choose to gift them to will agree. Be sure to check out our entire collection of custom blankets, and remember that can help you customize, store and ship your products anywhere, anytime.

Visit us today to see a number of photos of each blanket, and check out how easy it is to use our design tool to add your logo to our template. Our FAQs page can provide more information about what we can do to make your Christmas gifts stand out.