Virtual Event Swag Bag
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Humanize and Engage Virtual Audiences with Swag

Virtual Event Swag Bags

A hallmark of in-person events, conferences and trade show is the swag bag, often given to attendees when they check-in. With events moving to virtual environments a virtual event swag bag can still be part of the event, helping to engage attendees and to humanize the event.

Swag can be used in success Virtual Event follow-up, but can also be a useful tool to welcome your attendees prior to the event. Also, a successful swag box can help build anticipation for your event or even help set the stage for the sessions and topics to be discussed at the event.

What to include in a pre-event Swag Box

Here are a few ideas for what you can include in a virtual swag bag, but we can help you create and send your own custom swag box with almost any product available on

Tote Bags and Beyond

The classic event swag bag is a tote bag filled with various swag, literature, programs and other event items. A good tote bag is still a good idea as a virtual event giveaway, but the ability to mail the swag pack versus the attendees having to carry them around, gives more flexibility. Here are few ideas for a great bag.

  • Daily Grind Tote – Great classic canvas tote. Available in wide assortment of colors.
  • 24/7 Tote Bag – Great collapsible bag to bring on the go. Great looking two-color design that can be customized with a screen printing of your event or sponsor’s logo.
  • Zipper Beach Tote – A great higher-end option, especially for the summer. This canvas bag with a zipper, is great for a day trip or a day at the beach. Looks great with an embroidered logo.

Virtual Event Gifts (not Giveaways)

Again since these virtual event boxes will be mailed, it gives you more flexibility in what you can include in a swag bag/box. Here are some great options to include as a gift to your attendees.

  • Journals/Notebooks – An event classic that works just as well in a home office as at a conference. We have a great selection of notebooks and journals. Looking for some hints, see our blog post on choosing a great notebook.
  • Waterbottles – Another ‘can’t go wrong’ item is a re-usable water bottle. There are so many great options, but it is important to choose a low-quality bottle. Pick one that stands out, and that will end up on your audiences desk long after the event is over.
  • Virtual Happy Hour – Including something that can help re-create the event happy hour is a great option, pair it up with a networking event and you have a great way to engage your audience.
  • Coffee Breaks – Another way to help re-create some of the event networking opportunities is to include something to enhance a coffee (or tea) break or roundtable style sessions.
  • Gift Cards – Want to provide a lunch or coffee during the event? We can also help you include gift cards in your box. W

Get Event Sponsors Involved

Like an in-person event, let your sponsors in on the swag action. Allow them to sponsor an item in a pre-event swag box. We can include items branded with your sponsors’ artwork in the event box. Or we can include a brochure or postcard offer from different sponsors.

Include Event Literature

Also to set the stage for the event you can include an event program or schedule in the swag box. Or if you have other sales materials or content you’d like to include, we can help with that.

These are just some ideas for how you can use a swag box to help engage your audience prior to the event. We’d love to talk more about your event and help you create the perfect swag pack for your virtual event. Drop us a line.