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Corporate Umbrellas Perfect For Gifting And Giveaways

Corporate umbrellas can be a great gift for your employees, clients or leads. Whether you live in a rainy area, or just want to give a gift that will come in handy when you need it most, adding your logo to a great umbrella ensures that folks will remember and appreciate your brand every time they use it. 

With Spring right around the corner it’s a perfect time to start looking for the right umbrellas for your team! We have a huge list in our full collection of umbrellas— but to give you some pointers on what to look out for, we’ve gathered some of our favorite models across different categories.

If you see something you like, remember that you can easily add your own logo and add it to your cart without breaking a sweat! You can also pair your umbrella into a Spring themed or golf-themed swag box. No matter what you design, can ship your gifts and boxes directly to people’s doors.

Classic Corporate Umbrellas

Simple, elegant umbrellas that look great with your logo or artwork. These are the workhorses that make commuting through rain no problem at all!

Perfect for: commuting, employee gifts, clients gifts

48” Auto Umbrella

This umbrella looks like a classic silhouette, though it features some cool modern technology. It opens and closes “inside-out,” making it much easier for water to roll off and ensuring that you are not putting a wet umbrella in your purse or umbrella rack.

48” Peerless Umbrella

Large, spacious, light and designed with the classic curved wooden handle that harkens back to umbrellas of old, the Peerless is a classic classic model that makes a wonderful present for a client or employee. 

46″ Auto Vented Umbrella

With a woodgrain handle and a vented polyester canopy, this umbrella looks and performs fantastic. Vented umbrellas not only provide a more comfortable protection, they are far easier to use in the wind.

Environmentally Friendly Custom Umbrellas

These models are made with sustainability and utility in mind. When you want to give a gift that will keep your team dry, and the earth healthy, these are good options.

Perfect for: office gifts, client gifts

42” Eco Plaid Umbrella

The Eco Plaid umbrella is made from 100% recycled PET material, and features a smart-looking wooden handle. You can add your logo to the edges of the canopy using silk screening techniques. 

48″ Eco Fashion Umbrella

Bold colors meet bold size and bold construction in this green umbrella made from 100% recycled PET materials. It offers a larger than average canopy, ensuring you’ll stay dry no matter how hard it’s raining. 

42” Recycled Auto Umbrella 

This is a compact version of the 48” Eco umbrella— it offers the same recycled build and beautiful wooden handle, but folds down small enough to fit inside a purse or easily be carried. 

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Custom Compact Umbrellas

Sometimes a small, utilitarian umbrella is preferred over a giant one. These models make great gifts for people commuting to and from the office, hikers and adventurers, or anyone who gets out and needs a tool that won’t be too bulky. 

Perfect for: tradeshow giveaways, commuters, employee gifts

Blunt Metro Umbrella

The Blunt Metro is a workhorse in a small package. It’s sturdy design holds up in just about any weather, and it packs down small enough to be forgotten inside a backpack or purse. Ideal for every day commuting. 

42” Auto Umbrella

A small yet sturdy umbrella that comes with a handy carrying case. Shake it out, retract it, and stuff it into a convenient holding sheath that fits into any bag. Never worry about your stuff getting wet again!

44” Totes Auto Umbrella

This compact umbrella opens and closes with the press of a button, making it a snap to get out of cars or step out into the rain without needing two hands. We can print logos on these models in a number of locations. 

Luxury and High-End Corporate Umbrellas

For executive golf outings, outstanding clients, or employees standing out in the rain, these high-end custom umbrellas are perfect gifts to make a lasting impression. Our customization will turn these items into long time keepsakes recipients will treasure for years to come. 

Perfect for: VIP gifts, executive gifting, employee anniversaries 

Blunt Classic Umbrella

Blunt makes some of the best umbrellas in the game, and the Classic is their flagship model. Sleek, simple and sturdy, the Blunt Classic sets a new standard for commuter umbrellas. 

Blunt Executive Umbrella

The Blunt Executive is the top of the line. Big enough for two, and sturdy enough to protect against torrential downpours, the Blunt Executive is the ideal present for a high value prospect you’re looking to impress. 

58″ Golf Umbrella

For the golf loving employees or clients in your world, the 58” Golf Umbrella is a perfect gift to extend their time on the course. It’s light and sturdy, and can easily fit on the outside of a golf bag while you tee up your drive. 

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Custom Umbrellas on a Budget

Simple but effective umbrellas that you can buy and customize without breaking the bank. These are ideal to use at tradeshows, give as prospecting gifts or keep around the office for fun. 

Perfect for: tradeshow giveaways, lead engagement, conference swag

Custom Umbrella

This umbrella is unique in that you can customize every single panel on it! This is a great option to really showcase the creativity of your brand, and create an object of desire that will leave a positive impression of your company.

42” Folding Umbrella

With a classic pinwheel design and telescoping manual shaft, this is a classic umbrella design that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We love splashy designs, and this one delivers. Add your own logo to put it totally over the top. 

42” Color Pop Umbrella

Even though this umbrella is towards the less pricey end of the spectrum, it performs exceptionally well in wind and in rain. A breathable canopy lets wind pass through without blowing the umbrella out of your hand.

If you didn’t see the right umbrella for your needs, you can check out our full collection of custom umbrellas here! We’re sure that we have something for everyone, and if you can’t find it we can chat about locating it for you. Fill out the form below if you want to speak with a swag representative about creating the right products for you.