Promotional Bluetooth Speakers, Chargers & Tech Items For Those On The Go
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Promotional Bluetooth Speakers, Chargers & Tech Items For Those On The Go

Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones – Branded Audio Exposure With Matching Chargers!

User friendly, Bluetooth speakers are excellent promotional items in-house or at trade shows. They operate on batteries or a charge that can provide 48 hours of music, podcasts, and audio books.  Bluetooth speakers deliver excellent audio quality and can be used as a mini wireless speaker to share music with family and friends. Paired with headphones or earbuds, you can have bluetooth enabled audio wherever you go.

So forget about traditional brand giveaways (though we have those too if you want!) like T-Shirts, Tote-Bags, USB flash drive sticks, Tumblers and water bottles that you’ve seen before. Add your company’s logo and brand and make a statement, visually and audibly, with full color custom Bluetooth speakers, headphones or earbuds from

Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

For example, our Lightweight Thumpah Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant and ultra portable, with a large double-sided imprint area for maximal brand exposure. The all-in-one Shockwave mini-speaker and battery is also a device charger; and its classic mini wireless speaker plays for up to 40 hours and charges your mobile device.

The Bumpster mini-speaker is an outdoor bluetooth speaker, perfect for a trip anywhere, as these portable speakers have 360-degree omni-directional sound, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and a smooth surface perfect for full digital printing of your brand logo and other messaging, making this one of our best sellers.

Other popular speakers include the Hive True Wireless Bluetooth speaker which features 5-way surround sound and a built-in subwoofer – and you may add units to share music in multiple rooms of the home or office. Or you can mount the Hive – and your logo – on a wall too to create portable speaker branding in any location. The Boxanne pocket-sized promotional speaker has a built-in subwoofer and looping lanyard to attach to a bike, backpack, or messenger bag. The dual-sided, full-color printing surface gives your brand double exposure. These promotional speakers can be made for your brand on custom notice, with production time often less than 15 days from order and in many cases a “rush” priority option too.

Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds

Wrapsody Bluetooth headphones, priced under $170, boast omni-directional bass, microphone, 85% noise cancellation, and high-def stereo. Our standard Wireless Bluetooth earbuds deliver crisp, clear sound for up to 3 hours and can connect with various devices, including iPads and iPhones. These little gems also have a flat printing surface to stake your branding territory. Budsies Wireless Earbuds have silicone ear tips and connect ear-to-ear with a single cord. A charge lasts 6 hours with 33 ft signal reach. We also feature various materials on our portable bluetooth speaker range, such as this fabric and wood bluetooth speaker from Shae.

These customized bluetooth options are available for every budget. Prices for Bluetooth custom speakers such as the Bluetooth Solo Speaker start as low as  $15; while bluetooth earbuds start under $3, but in all cases may vary on order quantity and quality of the products.

Power banks and wireless chargers

Power banks and smart phone chargers find their way to every tech-user’s pocket and backpack, so are excellent vehicles for your customized logo. From the super compact square or round chargers to wireless power banks, has the sizes and shapes to show off your company logo to memorable advantage.

The Pop car charger has a backlit LED imprint area for a light-up logo effect, and the Juicebox Power Bank has a large, backlit LED imprint area and juice box packaging that includes a straw, perfect for unique brand exposure. Other power banks from Swag can show viewers a light-up logo or LED display option, such as these Orbit chargers which will charge your phone as they display your logo; while the Luminous LED power bank has full front LED light up for your brand; and the high-capacity Turbo Power charger is designed specifically for Apple iPad and iPhone users. The Kracken Power Charger uses an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip and a micro USB connection – and has a full-frontal brand display surface. The 2-in-1 phone + Apple Watch wireless charger is Qi-Certified and includes a micro USB cable.

Custom Qi-enabled wireless chargers designed in the shape of your logo can be printed in vibrant colors. We also have the Samsung Fast Charge charging pad that requires no charging cable. And don’t forget the UV Sanitizer & Charger that cleans 100% of germs and bacteria from your cellphone using UV light. Its flat print surface is also logo-ready. It can also accompany a branded mobile phone stand for that full repertoire of promotional logo and branding.

Whether for gift sets for your team, or trade show branding, we feature a range of bluetooth and charging solutions for your brand. You’ll find all these branded and custom bluetooth audio promotional products, including waterproof bluetooth speakers, mobile / device power banks and audio accessories at Swag today!