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The Secrets Of Corporate Gift Giving

Corporate gifting can be the secret to happier employees, better business relationships, and increased sales conversions when it’s done right. When it’s done wrong, it can be an expensive headache that doesn’t accomplish the goals you need it to. 

So what is the secret to corporate gift giving? 

We think it’s pretty simple, actually. When it comes down to it, your corporate gifting program will be successful if you can do these few things well:

  • Set clear goals
  • Understand your audience
  • Choose the right gifts
  • Make the experience seamless and delightful

Sending corporate gifts the right way comes down to nailing these four things. Luckily, your friends here at are experts in corporate gifting! We’ll take you through each step of the process so you know exactly what it takes to get an exceptional returns on investment from your time and money.

How to do corporate gifting right:

Corporate gifting is all about getting the details right. And getting the details right comes down to doing the appropriate research beforehand. Let’s go through the steps you’ll want to take to make sure you’re prepared to hit it out of the park!

Setting your goals

The first step to getting a good corporate gifting strategy in place is to think about what you hope to achieve through that experience. There are tons of reasons why organizations engage in corporate gifting. Just to name a few:

  • Demonstrating employee appreciation and boosting engagement
  • Deepening relationships with VIP clients and encouraging continued business
  • Adding a physical touchpoint into your sales cycle and increasing lead conversion
  • Improving event engagement, both in-person and for virtual events

Each use case will have different outcomes that you hope to achieve. If these are monetary, it’s good to note before you choose gifts— if they are more abstract, in the case of developing company culture for example, you’ll want to find a way to measure the impact of your gifts.

Especially if you plan on using gifting as a long term strategy, developing clear goals and outcomes for your initiatives will help you make them more effective over time. 

Knowing your audience

Once you know what it is you’re looking to achieve, think about your audience and how a gifts based approach will help you win over that specific crowd. Sending a gift really, in the business world or otherwise, comes down to knowing what people will want.

For example— if you are creating employee gifts for the office in order to celebrate a big company milestone, you’d need to consider what the company culture is like, and what type of gift ideas would make sense to match that. Is your office athletic? Maybe a customized wellness gift makes sense. Perhaps they’re more fashion forward? Consider gift boxes full of custom apparel at that point!

For reaching out to VIP clients, it’s key to be able to get into their heads and understand what makes them tick. What are the things that would move the needle? How can you get creative with items that they won’t forget? This also applies to gifting for leads.

Avoiding being generic in your gift selection is key (note— gift cards get ignored). Overcoming that requires understanding your audience!

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Choosing your gifts

Of course, all of the above steps are geared towards helping guide you to this most important of steps: choosing the perfect gift!

Obviously this is easier said than done. But once you have clear goals in mind, and you understand your audience well enough to have an idea of what types of things might intrigue them, you are halfway towards picking out the right custom gifts to get the job done. 

Our catalog has thousands of awesome items that you can customize and send as gifts to whoever you need. To make it even easier, you can use our filter to search product categories based on price, timeline, color and more!

If you want specific gift recommendations, here are some good pieces of content to get you started:

Make the experience seamless and delightful

Once you have your goals, audience, and gifts fully understood, it’s time to execute the sending of your gifts in a way that maximizes impact on your recipients and minimizes headaches for you. This is where we come in!

As a gifting platform, is unique in our capability to meet your needs both big and small. Not only do we have one of the largest selections of products and customization options, we also offer important features that will make your gifting stand out from the crowd. Some of those include:

  • The ability to create fully custom gift boxes with products you love
  • A distribution platform that makes it simple to reach individuals around the world in just a few clicks. Store your gifts in our facilities so you can send them at a moment’s notice
  • Our gifting feature allows you to send links directly to your recipient’s email that will allow them to choose their own gift, and have it delivered to their doorstep. We handle all the logistics. 
  • Easily add personalized notecards to each order to drive your message home

Remember, how you gift matters just as much as what you gift! Make it seamless by using!

Are you interested in building out a corporate gifting program? We can help! Simply fill out the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will be in touch to discuss your vision.