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Brand Spotlight: Nimble

At, our mission is to search high and low for the best branded products that people will actually want to keep, and gear people will actually want to use.

We’ve scoured the best of what’s out there to curate a selection of items that will delight and endear your customers and employees. Each brand we choose to make available has been carefully selected based on a high level of quality and utility.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nimble, an electronics and tech company making products that power our world and look out for its health at the same time. 

Nimble’s line of electronic charging accessories sets itself apart from the field for more reasons than one. For starters, all of Nimble’s chargers, charging pads and more have the premium feel you’d expect from top brands. What’s more, they are all tasked to perform at the highest level, offering hours and hours of battery life for all of your mobile devices. 

What’s truly unique about Nimble, however, is the company’s dedication to making the environmental impact of their operation as minimal as possible. As a Certified B Corporation, Nimble’s focus on sustainability is baked into their business model. 

Some of the most important elements of Nimble’s environmental consciousness include:

  • Sustainable materials
  • Ethical supply chain
  • Product design built to last years
  • Carbon neutral products
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Complementary e-waste recycling 

Whenever a brand comes along that can offer high-quality items with a mission behind them, we get super excited to share them with our customers! We think Nimble is a fantastic company whose line of products are perfect for anyone looking for great swag that they can feel good about. 

Here’s some of our favorite Nimble products:

Nimble Wireless Charging Pad

Nimble Portable Charger

Nimble Lite Portable Charger

Nimble Mini Wall Charger

Nimble Pro Wall Charger

Nimble Pro Portable Charger

If you think Nimble might have the right products for your employees, customers or leads, let’s chat about how to customize them with your logo or artwork!

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