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Mother’s Day Gifts For Employees

Mother’s Day gifts for employees are an excellent way to build a company culture that prizes supporting people both inside and outside of the office. 

Mothers don’t stop being mothers when they are at work. This is especially true of employees who are working from home— everyone is familiar with the sounds of coworkers’ children at this point, and it’s obvious that the responsibilities of parenthood are always there! Acknowledging this reality and celebrating the skill and perseverance that is required of mothers will go a long way in demonstrating a holistic approach to employee wellness. 

So what can you do to celebrate Mother’s Day for your employees? We’ve come up with a list of great custom gifts you can send to all the mothers on your team. Whether they’re at home, or in the office, we can help you reach everyone in time to send a message of support on behalf of your company. 

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Gifts for wine lovers

When the kids are asleep and the day is over, gift mothers some fun items they can use to make the most of their downtime! Wine not included unfortunately. 

Asobu Imperial Wine

This wine glass is awesome for both red and white wines, though it’s insulating features make it awesome for keeping whites cool for a long time. Take it on the go, or use it at home for a classy and convenient wine glass. 

Wine Accessories Kit

This kit has everything you need to take your wine game to the next level. With a stopper, pourer, opener and more, this is the only wine accessories kit you’ll ever need. Emboss your logo on the elegant leather carrying case. 

Wine Folly (Guide to Wine)

Gift mothers a chance to dive deep into the history and craft of wine, allowing for a deeper appreciation of each bottle coming down the road. This book covers topics like varietals, food pairings, famous wine growing regions and more. 

Gifts to get comfy

The comfiest clothes for mothers that we have! Perfect for curling up on the couch after crushing the day’s duties. 

Feat Blanket Blend Shorts

Simply put— the most comfortable pair of shorts you can find! The Feat Blanket Blend material is a soft and fluffy composition that makes it perfect for hanging out or being active. You can add artwork via screen print or embroidery. 

Feat Ladies Blanket Blend

A loose fitting hoodie that’s soon to be mom’s favorite. You won’t find a better hoodie in terms of comfort or style. Comes in a variety of beautiful pastel colors, and allows for customization via screenprint or embroidery. 

Feat Blanket Blend Crew

Crew neck sweatshirts are a nice alternative to hoodies when you want a comfy layer that won’t allow you to disappear into the bliss of a drawstring den. This one is one of our favorites— featuring three great colorways and customization options. 

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Gifts for the home

Kids can easily destroy the carefully arranged ambience of any house. To celebrate Mother’s Day, offer your employees some artful gifts that will help reclaim their space.

Glass Desk Frame

A nice display can help elevate remembrances of life’s most important moments. This glass desk frame lends a classy hand when it comes to displaying treasured photos. Add your logo tastefully with a transparent glaze.

Petite Bliss Plant

Plants make any space brighter and more lively. This gorgeous succulent is perfect for the desk, window sill or anywhere else you can think of. It comes in a smartly designed pot that you can add your own logo or artwork to. 

Aromatherapy 5.5oz Candle

This lovely candle comes in a variety of scents including cucumber melon, vanilla, apple cinnamon, and blueberry. Perfect for soaking in the tub, or burning during a yoga session. Add your logo to the glass jar it comes in. 

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Gifts to relax

No one deserves to unwind and relax more than mothers. Take a break from playdates and music lessons with gifts designed to create peace and tranquility. 

Brooklinen Plush Robe

If you ask us, minimal robes defeat the point. Luxuriate in Brooklinen’s exceptionally comfortable plush robe and never look back! This unisex piece comes in a few different colors with the option to embroider. 

Marine Layer Blanket

Nothing helps us relax as much as a trusty blanket. Any moms on your team will love Marine Layer’s luxe take on the everyday throw. Supremely comfortable and midweight fabric make it a go-to for day-to-day use. 

Allay Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is definitely essential for DIY spa treatments. This model has a gorgeous modern design with colored plastics and a soft whirring sound. Add your logo to the front. 

Wellness gifts

For when mom needs to focus on herself. These gifts are perfect for getting in a healthy groove, and taking wellness seriously. 

Alo Moves Membership

A membership to the Alo Moves service gives your team members access to thousands of online classes across a variety of disciplines. From yoga to HIT, this membership will allow mothers to take wellness seriously on their own time. 

EOS Lip Balm

Add your own logo to EOS’ famous lip balm! One of the most in-demand wellness products we offer, and a perennial crowd favorite. Comes in a variety of colorways and customization options. 

Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker

The FitBit Inspire is a great gift for someone wanting a bit more data to guide their fitness goals. You’ll be able to easily track movement, heart rate and more with this nifty device. It also comes in a bunch of great colors!

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These are just some of the things you could offer mothers at your workplace to help celebrate Mother’s Day. All of them are a great start, but remember— being a mother is a 24/7 job, and so appreciating them should be too! What will you do to make their day special?