Top Budget Friendly Promotional Items for Every Budget
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Top Budget Friendly Promotional Items for Every Budget

Budget Promotional Products that Fit Within All Business Budgets

Remember the fidget spinners fad of 2017? From the schoolyard to the subway, those gadgets were hard to avoid. And marketers quickly jumped on the bandwagon. It seemed like every trade show exhibitor was giving them away. While very affordable, we’ll bet that most fidget spinners can be found stuffed in your kid’s junk drawer.

Fads can be a good giveaway or promo item if you get them at the right time, but they can be pretty unpredictable. Here are some swag items for every budget that will definitely be put to use!

Food Promotional Items

Snack packs, trail mixes, and lollipops can be a great way to get your brand remembered at conferences or events. The days are long and people are hungry. Even if they don’t eat the item right away, they’re definitely going to grab the free “pick-me-up.” Let them be reminded of your interaction later when they eat the snack! A great gift if you’re looking for something that has a low price and is cost effective. In fact these make perfect gifts for trade show giveaways since people are always peckish at an event.

Check out our Raisin Nut Mix.

Custom Portable Chargers

Our phones have become our lifeline, they are our watches, cameras, flashlight, GPS systems, calendars and phone books all in one. So, you know that feeling of panic when you look down and see 5% battery left. Portable chargers are the perfect solutions to keep us at 100% on those days when we’re on the go. No need to find a wall plug! Why not carry around a few for those extra draining days? These always make very welcome corporate gifts and are high quality items that don’t break the bank.

Check out our square charger.


Since our phones have become extensions of our hands, I am sure you have noticed popsockets everywhere. With a friendly price point and big chance of being used by your employees or customers, they are among our most popular items and work great as phone holders and phone stands.

Check out our popsocket.

Silicone Phone Wallets

3 of something makes a trend, right? Well, this is another great phone-related item that is easy on the budget and will actually be used. These wallets can securely hold 2-3 credit cards, a driver’s license, contact information, money, business cards and/or a hotel room keycard. These card holders and phone wallets come in a variety of colors and offer a great opportunity to get your brand seen. These are useful no matter who or where you are, from student to business traveler.

Check out our Silicone Wallet.

Microfiber Cloth

If you are like me, your screen is dirtier than you’d like to admit. And when you think of cleaning them, you don’t have the tools necessary at your fingertips. Wouldn’t you like to have a few of these microfiber cleaning cloths handy for these situations? One in your desk, at home, in your travel bags. While these cloths might not come to mind as the sexiest swag item, they can be fully branded on one side and are guaranteed to be saved and used.

Check out our Microfiber Cloth 

Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

While this item is a little more expensive than others on this list, a multi function knife is the perfect all-in-one gadget (sorry smartphone), and it hasn’t been over gifted. It’s small enough to keep in the desk drawer but also easy enough can take to go. It’s basically a handheld toolbox!

A multi-tool is a perfect way to let your client’s know you are just the tool they need. However, we don’t recommend giving these away at trade shows or conferences where people might have to leave it behind if they are getting on a plane home.

Check out our 13-Function Wooden Pocket Knife


Another analogue recommendation! People still love to take notes by putting pen to paper. For those times, it’s nice to have a handy custom notebook with your brand front and center.  If you want to stand out, pick a bold color that fits with your brand. Notebooks are used for a long period of time, making them great for brand awareness.

Check out the fun color options on our Eco-Spiral Notebook.


Headphones are great for workouts, hands-free phone calls, and for ignoring conversations with your over-talkative seat mate on that long flight. That’s why you should make sure you’re never without a pair! Avoid the frustration of ever untangling them again with these wireless Bluetooth Headphones. While there are plenty of options for any price point, we recommend spending a little extra on headphones that are easy to set-up with all devices and provide good sound quality, otherwise they will end up abandoned in someones desk drawer.

We recommend the Rhea Bluetooth Headphones 

Whether you have a budget big or small, we hope this list of cheap promotional items gives you some inspiration to get creative with your next swag order! Other items that are budget friendly to purchase as corporate giveaways include, drinkware, custom tote bags, t-shirts and promotional pens. Remember you can have your company logo in full color printed on all our Swag goods.