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Top High-End Corporate Gifts & Luxury Promotional Products for 2021

New High-End Corporate Gifts & Luxury Promo Items in 2021

Looking for something high-end to make a corporate gift stand out can be a real challenge. The important part of finding a nice luxury gift is that will be something that the receiver will appreciate and actually want to use.

Here are 7 of our favorite high-end promotional products for 2021 when a banded luxury gift is needed and some of the usual swag items won’t cut it:

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1. One of the hottest high-ticket items on our site are Ember Mugs. These mugs are ‘smart mugs’ that allow you to set an exact drinking temperature for your beverages. It will keep your coffee or tea exactly how you like it. The Ember Travel Mug is an amazing branded gift that will definitely make you stand out.

2. Another trending item on swag.com that is a great luxury gift item is our gravity blanket. This weighted blanket will help even the most high-strung executive relax and get a great sleep.

3. Music gifts are always a safe bet! So are travel gifts. These Bose Wireless Headphones are the standard for sound quality, comfort and overall performance. They are also Engineered with world-class noise cancellation and direct access to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for simple voice control on the go. These are a great promotional gift that will be love by anyone who travels a lot or just wants to turn off the world around them off a bit.

4. A pair of shoes might seem like an unusual corporate gift, but Allbirds are an exception. The ‘most comfortable shoes’ are made with are made with responsibly sourced, premium natural materials, like ZQ Merino wool, eucalyptus tree, and sugarcane and are great for travel, a day on the town or a casual work place.

5. Have a colleague that believes in the motto work hard, play hard? Have a colleague that believes in the motto work hard, play hard? Our W& P Cocktail Canteen is made for them!  This fun pack of portable tools is a must-have for committed cocktail enthusiasts and avid travelers!

6. Fleeces are always a popular corporate gift for customers and your own executives. We love this North Face Canyon Flats Fleece for men and this North Face Fleece for women. They are so comfortable and versatile and come in a great selection of colors. They are a great option as a gift for a corporate retreat or sales kickoff meeting.

7. Sometimes a classic item is the perfect choice and nothing is more classic the pairing of a great notebook and quality pen. Our Buffalo notebook is a great option. It is sleek option with great paper and a pen loop on the front. This notebook goes great with the Moleskine Pen. While Moleskine is usually equated with notebooks, this pen is just as high-quality. It’s rectangular shape also makes it a great gift to pair with a notebook.

These ideas and promotional items are just the a few of our great corporate gift options. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our post of favorites from 2019, which are all still great options. When you have a bigger budget for swag, the gifting possibilities are much greater. Or if you want to brainstorm some other corporate gift ideas, contact us and one of our Account Managers will be glad to help you come up with the perfect luxury executive gifts for your team, or best customers.

These high-end promotional gifts are also great to use as special giveaways or prizes at corporate events. Of course, all of these can be customized with your logo, event name or any custom art.