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Here’s When to Send Gifts For Coworkers

What’s the right way to show appreciation and recognition in the office? Yes, words of encouragement are great. And everyone loves an office wide party. But gifting is one of the easiest and best ways to show your peers you care. 

A thoughtful gift (AKA not an Amazon gift card) that’s been personalized to match the occasion of the celebration offers a chance to create a tangible moment to remember. A great gift has the power to act as a symbol for a positive professional relationship. This is especially true when you can find the perfect gift or gift set to delight your unique team members. 

Gift ideas are never easy to come up with, and coworker gifts are some of the hardest to pick out. Luckily, we’re here to help with some great gift ideas and gifting opportunities that you shouldn’t miss. Remember that Swag.com can help you shop, customize, store and ship great gifts and custom gift boxes anywhere in the world. 

Here’s when you should think about finding great gifts for your coworkers:

To acknowledge company milestones

Work anniversaries, the closing of big deals, and other important events should be celebrated! Gifts are the perfect way to acknowledge hard work, and in the case of major accomplishments, serve as a reminder of the legacy people have created. Because paperweights are a little too retro, and gag gifts have never been that funny, we can help customize gifts that will actually make people proud of the work they’ve put into your organization.

Gift ideas:

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To celebrate the holiday season 

What better time of year to spread tokens of gratitude and appreciation than the holidays? Whether you want to do secret santa gift exchanges, a white elephant party, or just provide nice Christmas gifts, holidays gifts are a traditional way to say thank you. 

Setting up gift exchanges like the ones mentioned above also double as cool opportunities to host team building and company culture-boosting events. 

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As part of a wellness campaign

Wellness initiatives can take many forms, from fitness programs to mental health check-ins to offering nutrition classes. A good wellness program will combine many different elements in order to suit the varied needs of its employees. 

You can help build a culture of wellness by sending gifts for coworkers that encourage relaxation, stress relief and unwinding. We have a ton of wellness gifts that are perfect to add into a complete wellness kit, or send on their own. 

Gift idea: Gem Essential Oil Diffuser

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Before a (virtual) happy hour

Happy hours are the most classic team building activities there are. In fact, they’re so popular that we saw an explosion in virtual happy hours when we couldn’t meet up in person. But whether they’re digital or IRL, a happy hour is a great time to call attention to a moment of celebration with a gift. 

A bonus of sending happy hour themed gifts is that you can use them to organize the next one even at the last-minute!

Gift ideas:

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To spruce up the WFH workspace

The best gifts are useful and fun. If your coworkers don’t share the city as you, let alone an office, you can make a big impact on them by sending gifts that will make their WFH setup a little more special, efficient or pleasant!

If they’ve got the basics covered (mouse pad, desk set, etc.) then think about a gift that will help bring some company pride to their home!

Gift idea: Succulent with Custom Planter

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When new coworkers get hired (onboarding!)

An onboarding gift box is almost essential in this day and age. Cool apparel, gadgets and other goodies are a nice way to say welcome, and prepare new hires for the type of work they’ll be doing at your organization. 

But also think about gifting items from the team themselves, as an extra special way to say “we’re excited to know you!” Things that make great additions in onboarding kits are custom tote bags, an inspirational message box and a custom backpack.

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On employee appreciation day

The first Friday in March always marks employee appreciation day. While we believe that every single day should be a celebration of employees, it’s nice to set aside one specific time to let every member of your team know exactly how much they are valued. 

Employee appreciation day is also a traditional time to give gifts, both between coworkers and from the company to them. Gifts can be big or small— the most important point is just to send a message that hard work does not go unnoticed.

Gift ideas:

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As a friendly pick-me-up, and for no reason at all!

Zoom meetings have us down every now and then. So does the daily grind, day in and day out. The truth is, you don’t need that much of an excuse to send coworkers gifts— you’ll always be surprised at how much it means to people, especially when it’s hard to know everyone’s mood in our remote age.

Choose a gift that’s fun and different. Break the mold, and find a unique way to get a smile out of your coworkers. 

Gift ideas:

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What will you do to send great gifts to your coworkers? Whether it’s one great item or an entire box of customized swag, Swag.com can help you get fantastic gifts into the hands of your entire team, no matter where they are.

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